cha-ching: the sweet sound of silence

Amara loves her M and M's.

But as she showed me today when I took her to work for a bit, she can't stay quiet for any long periods of matter how how many times you say to "zip it."

I'm like her. I enjoy talking.

But if M and M's offered me more than $30K to communicate with Dad2Amara with only candy messages, I think I could learn some Filipino sign language real quick. I remember when I had a bad case of laryngitis last year -- the doctor put me on strict orders to remain quiet for three days straight. In order to get Dad2Amara's attention, shall we say there were a lot of hand gestures from me.

Anyways, one Philly couple took the challenge. The engaged duo have vowed to not speak for an entire month. Each day that passes in silence earns them $1,000. You can see their progress here.

I don't think Dad2Amara and I could do it. (Unless there were M and M's that said things like "Amara and I needed the new pairs of shoes." or "I thought you'd be home an hour ago." or how about "Did you see what our crack neighbors are up to today?")

And I know Amara wouldn't be able to do it.

How about you? Would you be up to the challenge?
today's good: One more day of work and then a day off for the Fourth!
today's bad: Amara and I baked cookies yesterday. Why is that a bad? Because there are now four dozen cookies just waiting, calling to me. (And there are only four dozen because we've already off loaded some of them to the neighbors we do like!)