daddy's buying a shotgun

Dad2Amara is worried. Amara apparently has another boyfriend. And this time, it's "serious."

Here's my conversation with her when I tucked her in for bed.

Amara: Mom, can I tell you something?
Mom2Amara: Sure.
Amara: Alex and I went on a date.
Mom2Amara: (While thinking I have no clue who Alex is) Really? What did you do?
Amara: We went for a walk. And we held hands. And we talked. I like him.

Okey dokey then. This is boyfriend number three for my four year old. And we've elevated to holding hand status before kindergarten. Yeah, we're gonna have our hands full with this one!

But let's see if she can beat Mom2Amara. I kissed Chris Estefan on the back of the school bus in first grade!
today's good: I got a workout in again today. Fat, but feeling good!
today's bad: Haven't packed yet for Chicago. Need to start working on that. I think Amara would be all too willing to go half dressed down Michigan Ave. if she could!


  1. Sweet! But yet... they grow up so fast... Wait... Slow Down!!

  2. oh boy....good luck with that!

  3. just wait... maya has slept with a boy ... on the bus! thet fell asleep beside each other on a field trip and she is in senior kindergarten!


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