down and out

You could also title this post "Mom's sick, so nothing gets done."

I woke up this glorious Independence Day morning with a throbbing headache.

Check that. It wasn't a headache. It was was migraine from h-e-double hockey sticks.

I actually felt like two hockey sticks were smashing into the right side of my head. And opening my eyes to catch a glimpse of sunlight made me nauseous.

Kindly, Dad2Amara let me stay in bed. I lay in fetal position until after 12.

But imagine my surprise when I finally dragged my butt made my way downstairs to find Amara still in her pajamas. She hadn't had lunch yet but was eating a mouthful of Oreos. She was watching TV even though it was gorgeous outside. The trash can was overflowing. And the newspaper was still sitting in the box.


Does nothing get done when mom's down and out?
today's good: After taking numerous Extra Strength Tylenol, my migraine has subsided some. It was enough to get me moving. And I'm happy to say that the invitations to my cousin's baby shower are now ready for the mail. So for those of you expecting an invite, look for them in your mailboxes soon!
today's bad: After a strong run last night, I was determined to run again this morning. But with the migraine, I missed out. Hopefully the rain will hold off long enough for me to get a run in tonight...
Happy Fourth of July!!


  1. Hope you got to feeling better so that you could celebrate the 4th.

    My husband would have done the same thing, by the way.


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