gadget girl

My laptop.
My digital camera.

Yeah, I never thought I'd be a gadget girl.

And honestly, as much as I want an iPhone, I'd rather have diamonds and pearls.

I can't see myself spending that much on a 1st generation anything. And I hate AT&T cellular service. I'm a Verizon gal.

But I digress.

This week's CHBM prompt is "One thing you never thought you'd be into but really enjoy."

I was going to talk about how I never thought I was the maternal type until I became a mom. Now I love it.

Or how me, the Home Ec dropout, recently took that knitting class and really enjoyed it.

But when I got home from work today to find my laptop fubar, like not even turning on fubar out of commission, I freaked out. I immediately called Dad2Amara and couldn't formulate a complete sentence. I felt like my best friend had just died.

This from the woman who said
"I'll never use an iPod."
"A laptop? I can just use your PC when you're done."
Couple that with my itch for an iPhone.

That's when it hit me: I am a gadget girl. I may be a young, inexperienced one, but I am one. And I'm proud.

I never thought I'd be into technology. I barely know how to log off a computer properly let alone know how to sync my iPod. Yet, I still want the latest and the greatest.

Heck, I never thought I'd blog. But look, I've past 300 posts. And some of you keep coming back for more...

How about you? What's one of your life's pleasures that you never imagined you would enjoy?
today's good: Mom2Amara's boss approved my late request for some time off in August. So Amara's now one step closer to going to the Magic Kingdom! (Hey Mom2Amara's boss, do you read this blog? If so, thank you!)
today's bad: Amara took a late nap today - unusual since Amara rarely naps to begin with. But why is that bad? It's almost midnight and she's still awake. Ugh.


  1. Gadget cravings are slowly creeping up on me, too!

  2. My family teases me that I'm addicted to the computer...never thought in a million years it would be such a huge part of my life!! Taking classes for school online and with so much stuff to pick through, who does not love the WWW!!

  3. my daughter calls me "lady laptop". lol

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Sometimes it's a complete PITA but other times it's a lifesaver!

    I tend to be a relatively late adopter, mostly because I hate paying an arm & a leg just to watch the price come way down in a few years or even months. Also, I would prefer to avoid all the early "bugs" like the iPhone battery issue, KWIM?

  5. I'm a gadget girl too! I find it so funny when my girlfriends talk of the jewelry their hubbies give them for Christmas, anniversary or whatever... and when they ask me what I got... my reply is always a gadget (my laptop, my Palm [now dead - I so want a new one!], a new digi-camera, a Wacom tablet, my Garmin305...). :)


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