happy dance

I'm doing a Filipino jig right now.

I'll just spare all of you a picture of it and give you one of Amara instead.

So with only one day to go, my child care crisis has been averted.

Being in with the Girl Scouts, I remembered one leader who's daughter is in junior high. They live just two blocks from us (literally -- we have the same street number). And this teenager is sweet and responsible. I called her up and bingo! She's available this week.

The happy music could be heard all over town! Yahoo!
today's good: Mom2Amara's college roommate, AuntNancy2Amara, was in town and stopped over for breakfast. It was so nice to see her!
today's bad: It's freaking 100 degrees out and we're stuck in the house merely because of the AC. Boring!


  1. I know! It's too hot to do anything & I'm BORED to death!!


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