hey, look me over

'cause baby, I'm a star!

First, allow me to tell you what a douche bag I am.

Our general manager walked into the room with an icon of our industry. His guest is a local legend. They stopped literally behind my desk so what felt like everyone in the entire building started to flock towards them. I was in between meetings and trying to get one more assignment done so I was annoyed by all the chatter. Seriously, I mean like pencil-biting angry. So when the GM said, "I have an announcement to make..." I didn't even turn around. After 60 seconds of more talk, I didn't want to be outright rude so I finally stand up, just in time for him to say that Mom2Amara is employee of the month!

Ahhh yeah!

As cheesy as this sounds, it's actually quite an honor if you consider the fact that most of my co-workers aren't quite the touchy feely type.

(Remember this video? Yeah, some of my friends thought it was a joke and were waiting for the dad to trip and fall. Mean? Yes. But in our line of work, we have to laugh a lot in order to make it through the week.)

Forget mommy guilt. I have employee guilt now. I have been feeling so unappreciated lately that this is a huge surprise. So to celebrate, I went shopping with Amara. I'll tell you all about it, along with today's good and bad in my next post!


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