in need of a jolt (and some friends)

I am starting to feel fatigued and am running out of steam.

I can feel my brain cells just floating, not making sense of one plus one. Writing at work. Writing at home. Blogging. I'm hitting a wall. Life's becoming mundane. I'm in some kind of funk.

It's a good thing that BlogHer is just over a week away!! I'm hoping the conference will re-energize my storytelling skills.

But I'm pretty much going sight unseen. I know no one that's going! Waaaah!

So next on my agenda this week: to read some of the blogs for featured speakers at the conference like Nordette Adams, Dory Devlin, and Catherine Connors.

Hey fellow BlogHer's! Be nice to me when I get to the Windy City! Look for me!
today's good: Tuesday is half over. 10 more days to BlogHer! And that means 9 more days until Amara can go to the American Girl Store!
today's bad: Can the days drag on anymore?


  1. I'll totally be your friend. Just for the overwhelmed blonde chick in glasses. ;

  2. I wish I could go! Sounds like a fun weekend! :)

    To help with the funk, try going for a short run... get those endorphins pumping. :)


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