me in 10 seconds

In a proactive attempt to meet new friends at BlogHer, I'm writing my me in 10 seconds for the entire world to see.
Mom2Amara is a Midwest girl with an affinity for purses, coffee, and shopping at Target. (Should I mention my love of Girl Scout Samoa cookies?) I was admittedly the least maternal person you could have known. But since becoming a mom, motherhood has become me and encompasses nearly every aspect of my life -- professionally and personally. Ask me about Amara. I'm not shy!
Her Bad Mother turned me on to this. Special thanks to Mocha Momma!


  1. Sounds very good! Knock 'em dead! And don't be shy. The world is yours, they just don't know it yet.

    My 10 seconds? "I don't beat my kid... Because she'd probably kick my butt."

  2. Whoa. If you bring some Samoa cookies and coffee we can be BFF and I'll share my favorite lip gloss with you. Because you must be all kinds of awesome with that kind of taste.

    Come find me, ok? I'll be the one smelling of coffee.

  3. Samoas... yummy goodness. :)

  4. You're going to have so much fun at Blogher!

  5. Nice to "meet" you! They just built a Super Target exactly 2 minutes from my house. Wanna come play? ;)


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