meeting an icon

So how amazing is this -- I am sitting in the same room as a woman I look up to and admire: Carol Lin.

I chose this session (the life of stages of online communities) because it really does pertain to my work -- you know, figuring out how to engage Cleveland moms in conversation.

But I also chose this breakout session because of Carol. She is truly an amazing woman (I'll admit it. I looked at some of her personal journal entries on during the session and I was tearing up as if I was hearing her story for the first time).

Not to mention she's a kick butt Asian American.

I could kick myself because I forgot my camera in my hotel room. I just had so much to carry (purse, laptop, hoodie, plus all the swag I'm picking up). I couldn't imagine carrying my big camera too. But now I want a picture with Carol! Waaaaaah! Thank goodness for Laurie over at not just about cancer -- she came to my rescue (I play the damsel in distress well) and has promised to email me the pic of me and Carol. Laurie -- I'll hunt your Canadian bum down if I don't get it!

I'll post more on this session later. On to another now!