mommy brain?

I'm losing my mind.

So I am sitting in a session right now and having the damnedest time staying focused.

I have been debating whether I should bring my laptop to Disney (I'll blog more on that argument later). And since leaving the laptop behind this weekend seemed pretty silly considering I'm attending BlogHer, I decided I wouldn't answer my cell. And I would only check voicemail whenever possible.

So yesterday, my cell was vibrating so much that it would make any self-pleasuring woman filled with glee. I had someone persistently calling. I text messaged the caller that I would call later.

I finally had a break in the action towards day's end. I had one session to go so I sat and regrouped. And that meant checking my voicemail.

Come to find out, someone near and dear to me is in the hospital. This person needs surgery but is OK. (Thank goodness.) But because of the sad state of healthcare in the U.S., surgery could not be done until today.

So here I sit.

I feel guilty because there are times that I "forget" about the surgery just because I'm so into the conversation that's going on around me.

But then there are times like now, where all I can think about is: "Is she in surgery yet?"

No offense to the great presenters and moderators. Just a bit preoccupied.

Call it mommy brain: if I can purposefully put the toaster in the refrigerator because that's where I said it goes (I honestly did while pregnant with Amara) then I can be worried about a dear friend during a conference.

edit:So I did have to do some grammatical and HTML fixes just now. I had tried to publish this post while using Google docs. Yeah, that didn't go so well! Guess there's a learning curve! Also, a quick update. My dear loved one had surgery and all is well! How blessed!


  1. Glad to hear your friend is doing well!

    Now that I have a laptop, I can't imagine being without it for any extended period of time... so yes, take it to Disney!

    And... have I said yet, that I am jealous that you are at BlogHer? Cause I am! :D But thanks for posting from there, I can live vicariously through you!!!!


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