pants on fire: lying to your kids

Amara's pediatrician surprised me today.

We had Amara's 4 year checkup this afternoon. Amara is as healthy as can be (thank Heavens). But her doctor is a bit concerned that she does not eat any fruits or vegetables.

So she told Amara that the Princesses would ask her next month at Disney what four veggies and four fruits does she eat. If she couldn't answer, they wouldn't allow her at the castle.


There is the age old debate as to whether parents should lie to their kids. Like when I tell Amara that if she pees in her pants her teachers will tell her she can't come back to school. Or how Dad2Amara tells her if she talks in church, he'll tell Lola2Amara and then she'll go and tell God.

Is it wrong to fight fire with fire? Probably. But it gets the job done.

But I was shocked that a non-relative would find it acceptable to tell stories to a child not their own.

Am I setting a double standard for Amara's pediatrician? Is it OK for a doctor to fib to a child if it means that child will lead a healthier lifestyle? What do you all think?
today's good: We leave for Chicago and BlogHer in 2 days! And Dad2Amara's class got out early today. And anytime he gets back from teaching early, I get to sneak in a workout so I'm feeling good right now!
today's bad: Yeah, still haven't started packing. But at least the laundry is done...


  1. Hmmm. It would have made me uncomfortable. After all, where is this doctor gonna be when Amara is demanding to discuss her diet with the Disney Princesses next month?

  2. I have to agree ... it would make me uncomfortable as well. I'm all for openness. :)


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