proud Filipina

I am a proud Filipina.
I am a Filipina mom.
I am a daughter.

So if you have been brought to my blog because you thought you were going to find a mail order bride or Asian models or online dating, you can click "back" now.

If you are familiar with the World Wide Web, you'll understand what I am doing.

If not, you can read more about the campaign to change the top search engines results for Filipina at Filipino Librarian. I can't tell just yet if the Librarian is a or not.

I had a sinking suspicion about what would happen if I Googled Filipina. But it wasn't until I actually did it did I realize that I needed to introduce all of you faithful to some wonderful, beautiful, and talented Filipinas I know.

Like this Filipina.

And this Filipina.

I know this Filipina.

And this Filipina rocks.

Now I don't know this Filipina.

Or this Filipina. (BTW, that's this Filipina's work blog.)

There are some any other vibrant, intelligent Filipinas out there that aren't in the blogosphere.

But if you know of one, do them a favor and link to them. Show the world what you already know -- Filipinas are strong women! Pinay ako!


  1. Good for you! Hopefully others will post more links so that more lovely Filipina's can be showcased.

    I wanted to stop by and say thanks for all the wonderful carnival ideas you've given in the past and hopefully all the people at CHBM's will love any future ideas you send their way.

  2. i know this is late, but you can stop wondering. take a look at this:


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