scary resemblance

Ninja mom over at Saving for Psychotherapy posted a picture yesterday.

With me in it.

When I was four.

And two things glaringly stood out while I reminisced.

One, I never thought Amara looked like me. Yes, she has dark hair (although it's not black like mine). And she does have a Filipino nose (you know, kinda short and stout like a teapot). But I think all of her features are really from Dad2Amara.

But in this picture, I see Amara...right down to the toes.

It's scary. Not a bad scary but like a Scary Spice scary.

That brings me to point number two. What a fashion plate I was, even at a young age :)

See that handbag? It does not have a cartoon character on it. And it's not over the shoulder. The purse is properly placed on my elbow. And is that a cell phone in my hand?

Now take note of the fabulous cuffs on my pants. I swear I was just at the mall last week looking for a pair of wide legs like these! It's like four-year-old couture!

And how about my sandals? You have to admit, my shoes look better than my cousin's --she's wearing socks! (Maybe she didn't have a pedicure yet...)

But what's hard to admit is that Amara is exactly like this. Same age. Same attitude. Same fashion sense. Always wanting to be cool. Or older. Or something like that.

I only hope she grows up to be a fine young lady. OK maybe I also hope that she makes a few better decisions than I did in the past. (Stomach pump sticks out in my mind.) Alright, maybe I also hope that she graduates Summa Cum Laude, has a fabulous job in the city, and marries rich! No pressure.
today's good: It's Friday! This week has dragged! And Amara has daycamp next week so no childcare issues on my end! Hooray!!
today's bad: I did weights today. It was the first time in over a week. And while I showered after my workout, dear God in Heaven did I feel it in my arms. Eek. That's bad. Oh want to know what else is bad? The scale says I haven't loss a pound. That better be muscle...


  1. You were so cute! And, I think that Amara looks just like you.

  2. Hey!! I was 5! Like I dressed MYSELF>>> TAke a look at my sister - she's got some fuuunky pants on. :)
    I think the beach picture looks more like Amara. Such cute babies!

  3. I totally take offense to what I was wearing... I think my mother used to pick out my clothes, or maybe we were the poor canadian cousins... but I do have to question the fabric of your outfit... POLYESTER???? BTW I totally had to do a double take with the beach picture too!

  4. Les & I were obviously too cool for that picture!


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