she's a big kid now

Congratulate us.

Amara is now officially diaper-free.

She's been potty trained for over a year now. But Amara's such a heavy sleeper (and btw a loud snorer too) that she never woke when she needed to go to the bathroom. And she's always been insistent on having something to drink before bedtime.

Well, this week, I cracked the whip. We were down to our last four Pull Ups and I was sick and tired of dropping $15 for a package of training pants. We were out of potty training so just the name "training pants" irritated me.

Amara's always been drawn to older kids. Turning four was like a coming of age in her eyes.

So I told her that four year olds don't wear diapers at night. And I told her that four year olds don't drink anything after bath time. It also helps that I bribed her and told her I'd take her to the toy store if she succeeded.

It's been a week. Amara's been dry and accident-free overnight. Woo hoo! Check off another childhood milestone off of Amara's chart!
today's good: Amara decided to us the truth about something that happened! I'm really proud of her! Read on...
today's bad: So yesterday, I scolded my black lab. I came home to find my design-it-yourself purse shredded. I had changed purses that morning and was certain I had placed my favorite summer accessory on top of my desk. There was no way my fat lab was going to get it. Or so I thought. I honestly was close to tears. When Dad2Amara got home, I told him what had happened, explaining how I did not know how our dog Lady was able to reach my purse. That's when Amara piped in, "Mom, I put it on the chair." What?!?! Apparently my purse was on top of some drawings Amara had placed on my desk. She moved my purse to a nearby ottoman in an attempt to get her artwork. Amara didn't like Lady in trouble so she took the fall. So bad about the purse. But good about Amara's honesty. And good because now I get to buy a new purse!


  1. Congratulations! She's really growing up, isn't she? And, it's so cute that she came to the rescue of the dog!

  2. Woot! Go Amara! We haven't even seriously embarked on the great potty training adventure yet.

    I think it's sweet Amara came to rescue the pup. Sorry about your purse... but yay on purse shopping!

  3. Yay for no more diapers! I'm so sad about your purse tho......

  4. That's very cool. It was a big thing when Jase (also 4) stopped wearing pull ups.

    YAY Amara!

  5. WTF!!?? They wear diapers for that long???!!! No wait, that's about right. And kudos to you for not having to bribe Bean with money - remember Ryan? A dollar everytime he used the bathroom ... I wonder if anyone will give ME $$$ every time I'm in the loo? :)
    PS Can't wait to see you guys!!!

  6. Kudos to Amara on both fronts. :)

  7. We're diaper free all day long, but still doing pull-ups at night. Some nights she makes it all the way through - with the pull-up - but we haven't put our put down just yet.

    But it's coming soon. She's 3 years and a few months, so... it's getting close.


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