sole mate

Admit it.

You watch "Victoria Beckham: Coming to America."

I was glued to the tube.

Too bad I watched a press reel for the show earlier today and I swear the entire episode was on the tape. Yet I was mesmerized.

If I learned anything in the last hour, it is this -- there is yet one more reason why I want to be Posh.

I want to be a mom in heels. All the time.

Posh says that's "major." I say it's fierce.

Come on! This just screams PTA president.

The picture is from Victoria Style. It says the shoes are a Lanvin Gladiator Platform sandal.


  1. Oh I do love her hair... but I can't pull off the high heels. Ain't gonna happen.

    Alas, I'm bound to be a Mom in Crocs or a Mom in New Balance!

  2. If I wore those shoes, I could do my own show:
    "Mama Zen: Coming to An ER!"

  3. I watched it last night, LOVE her!! Who knew she was so funny?!


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