taking the Windy City by storm

We have arrived!

First thing on today's agenda was to have a late lunch Carol, with a very good friend of mine. (I'd post a picture of her but I completely forgot to even take the photo. Damn.)

Anyways, since lunch was not until 2 p.m. Chicago time, I figured we could sleep in a bit. I set the alarm for 7:30 a.m., knowing that gave me time to tidy up the house before we left.

Too bad Amara had other plans. She stormed into our bedroom at 6:30 a.m. to tell us it was time to leave for the American Girl store! Let me say that again. 6:30 a.m.

Once we did hit the open road, Amara was really well behaved. A lot of DVD's, listening to her iPod, and a handful of Oreos.

We're off to Michigan Avenue now. Will post more later!