tales from the mom-mobile

Driving back to Ohio, I encountered one of the nastiest things I think I have ever seen.

I was joking around with Veronique this weekend on how she saw a man at the airport walk into the men’s room while talking on his cell phone. When he walked out, he was still on his cell. Was it the same call? Who knows. But one can only assume. “Um, honey? Is it raining where you are at? I hear this trickling sound in the background…” Yuck.

But today, we were at a rest stop just west of Maumee. Amara was with me so we obviously were taking longer than if it were just me in the stall. The stall next to us freed up and another woman entered. I could hear her talking so I presumed she had a little one with her. Oh no. There was only one set of feet under that door and she was talking about watering her garden. Sure enough, while we were washing our hands, out comes our neighbor, talking on her cell – no Bluetooth involved!

Didn’t she wipe? How did she explain the flushing noise to the person on the other end? How does she properly wash her hands with the phone attached to her ear?

Yuck. That’s why germs spread like wildfire. And that’s why I feel comfortable enough calling this woman white trash. Nasty.