the sex talk

Here's required reading for any of Mom2Amara's friends who do not have children but are hoping to be blessed in the future (Although I wasn't planning on being blessed quite so soon but that's another story. I digress.):

A real mom lets the world see a month of her sex diary.

It's naughty. Think open doors and gadgets in bed.

Oh wait, that would be the kids are naughty, barging thru bedroom doors. And the gadgets in bed? That'd be the laptop. And it's not being used for anything illicit.

For those of you who are still without kids, let this be a warning.

For those of you who are blessed like me, it's quite a funny read...that many of us will find hits close to home!

today's good: I biked 10 miles today. Yes, you read that right. And I would have gone swimming if I had more time. Maybe tomorrow.
today's bad: So after working out way more than I was before, I feel like some of my pants are still snug. What's up with that?
Photo credit: dave
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