toy box confession

Mama Zen had a thought provoking post on what was inside her family's toy box and what its contents say about them.

I shudder the thought to even reveal what's in Amara's toy box.

But that could be because she has not one, not two, but three toy boxes.

She has two vanities, a toy kitchen, an easel, a bookshelf, a cabinet, and a toy rack. And that's not mentioning the scores of stuffed animals she owns.

What does this say about Amara?

She's blessed. Maybe spoiled. Should never be bored.

It also proves she doesn't love princesses. She's obsessed with them.

Princess gowns. Princess purses. Princess dolls. Princess games. Princess books. Princess markers and crayons. The list goes on and on.

What does it say about Mom2Amara?

It's a wonder we can cram all of the toys in any of toy boxes to give the illusion of a "clean" house.

Then again, we have two rules in our house.

One: Mom2Amara is always right.

And two: Since Amara's first breath, her toys have only been allowed in two rooms -- her bedroom and the playroom. It keeps my sanity.

What's in your toy box?
today's good: Congratulations to Lynnelle and Tom! Dad2Amara and I were lucky enough to join them for their wedding reception and what a good time we had!
today's bad: The migraine from h-e-double hockey sticks was back. Took me out of commission for another morning. What the heck is triggering them all of a sudden again?


  1. I wish that I had implemented that "2 room rule" at my house. Actually, though, Baby Puppy loves to clean up. Unfortunately, she just throws everything in her closet!

  2. Guess I'm busted - My kids have a playroom that's busting at the seams but I blame it on the fact that I have a girl and a boy and they both need a set of toys and now with a new baby, we will have baby toys all over again.
    BTW - I have/had the toy rule too and it works most of the time but craft stuff has to be in the kitchen cause of the big, big, big mess the kids make!


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