under the boardwalk

I think I've died and gone to heaven.

We have managed to book a family vacation that merges two of my three loves: Disney magic with the Jersey Shore. (The third love is Chicago and we'll be there when I go to BlogHer at the end of the month. Again, I digress.)

We are going to Walt Disney World and staying at the BoardWalk Inn!!

We are so early in the planning stages right now. But I have a confirmation number in hand, three tickets for a flight to Orlando, and a very excited Amara!

Now it's time to plan all the activities we'll attempt while dragging entertaining a four-year-old...
today's good: So a week ago my cigarette lighter outlet thingy stopped working. For many, this would not be a huge issue. But for Mom2Amara, I cried. Seriously. I listen to podcasts every day during each commute to and from work. And when I can't, I get lonely. I hate being alone and not having "someone" to talk to and listen to. (Yes, I sometimes respond aloud to the podcasters.) Well this afternoon, the fine folks at my local Ford dealership fit the mom-mobile in and ta-dah! It's fixed!
today's bad: I tried on two dresses and a skirt this morning...all snug...that better be muscle and bulge...


  1. Does Amara like Highschool Musical? It is a must to see the show at Epcot... Maya was in heaven! And dinner at the Royal Castle was a dream come true too (fairy God mother and a the mice came and sang to you!)

  2. Yay for Disney World!! Take lots of pictures & ride "Soarin", although Amara may be too small for that

  3. I am so jealous! That place is looks terrific!

  4. We've been looking at Disney. It frightens me to my core. Have a great time.


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