who says Mom can't be bought?

Um yeah, let's talk free swag. And I mean free swag galore.

I haven't even hit the sponsorship tables and I'm now toting around a bag from GM that's filled with Jelly Belly's (for Amara), a tshirt, some clip things from Yahoo! and lots of other stuff I haven't even gotten to look at yet. And not to mention my laptop is being housed in a nifty bag from AOL.

I have met so many fabulous women (and men...there are lots of boys here too...tres cool). I've met Happy Katie and Redneck Mommy. Met tons more too -- just trying to remember folks off the top of my head.

And how about this -- I met Maile with Google (sorry Maile, I don't remember your last name but I promise once your videos go live, I'll fix that!), Vera Chen with Yahoo!, and editor of Essence Magazine Vanessa Bush. I had to do everything in power not to jump up and down and say "HIRE ME! HIRE ME!" (Not that I don't like my job -- that's in case my boss is reading...)

I think I'm out of business cards. I didn't bring my entire lot because I figured no one would want to know about me. Or at least pretend to care. I promised myself I'd bring the rest of my cards tomorrow.

I'm gonna try a vlog for the work sight now. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!


  1. Sounds like your having a great time! Will BlogHer ever come to Oregon ??

  2. Photos have been sent. No need to hunt me down. ;-) And I didn't think you were playing the damsel in distress at all.


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