Why Don't TV Journalists Blog?

There's one observation I made while at BlogHer that stared me glaringly in the eye session after session.

Take day one. We had the opportunity to sign up for lunch with other bloggers with a similar interest or theme. One table was “journalist turned blogger.” Point. Set. Match. Sign me up.

I found three women already at the table come lunchtime. Excitement came over me. One gal was between jobs in print. The second was currently a health reporter for some dink newspaper in South Carolina. And then there was a woman who was actually a PR chick trying to get her way into the minds of female bloggers (there were a lot of these marketers infiltrating the conference).

This was the story of my weekend.

Many of the bloggers I have come to love are beautifully well versed. Take Her Bad Mother. I saw her speak at one session and not only does she compose a powerful expression of life in each of her blog posts, but she also speaks articulately, captivating her audience . But she is an academic. While not all academics are created equally (Dad2Amara is highly intelligent but has a hard time formulating a solid paragraph of prose.), I’ve come to expect educators and scholars to hypnotize me with their writings.

Then of course there are bloggers who are authors. Saw many of these fab women at the conference. They’re like my cousin. They were born to write. You expect the greatness.

And there were many newspaper writers on hand. Their writings are much more different than television producers, especially ones who work in newsrooms like me. We tend to write more pointedly. Take Taawd and Jen for instance. We are more colloquial – as if we’re having a conversation with you over a cup of joe.

And that’s how I view my approach to my blog. I write informally. I consider all of you to be friends looking into my life. So that’s how I compose my thoughts. This is how I was trained.

But when I compare it to some other blogs, I feel sometimes my writing style falls “short.”

So I guess I’m having blog envy. Or I’m just coming down from a BlogHer high.

Allow me to wallow for a bit.
today’s good: I do not have an internet card so I can’t blog while I’m traveling back to Ohio. But I had the ingenious idea to use Word and then just post when I get back. Me? With an ingenious idea? Novel!
today’s bad: So I did not get to meet Chloe Dao. I had called Dad2Amara after one of my sessions yesterday and the lovey-dovey side of me came out. I missed Amara. I hated we were in one of my favorite cities – separated because I wanted to do drinks and rub shoulders with Chloe and other fantastic women. So I hopped on the next shuttle back to the hotel and spent a great evening with my family. Not that that’s a bad. I’m just bummed about Chloe.


  1. I love your writing style. Funny and to the point. No need for Blogher envy!

  2. Hey Monina, I was one of those "marketing infiltrators" who sat next to you at the momosphere session -- it was nice to meet you, I think you're very funny! Who else could've whipped out that laundry comment so quickly?! Take care, looking forward to reading your blog!

  3. I can't help but think *I* was the PR chick you mention. ;) But really, it was great to meet you on the first day and during the 'Speed Dating' networking session. I actually found my stuff afterwards!

  4. Mama Zen and Esther, thanks for the moral support. I sometimes think I function on the most basic of levels just to get thru the day and I think my writing reflects that. :)

    And Esther and Joann, I've had my share of run in's with PR and marketing folks. There are some that just really get under my skin! But you two -- knowledgeable *and* friendly. Great combination!

  5. Admittedly, I'm a little late in reading this post but I had to smile when you mentioned my name because I always want to start my posts with "okay". I don't believe it say that conversationally often. Also, I worry about when I go back and get my MBA, how will my papers read? You're the greatest! {Smile}


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