Amara, a little birdie told me so

Sounds like I have to work on my mom sayings. I don't use them enough. Or sing them to the William Tell Overture.

today's good: I didn't have to make dinner. Dad2Amara treated us to a nice dinner out at a local diner!
today's bad: I had my hairdresser cut my hair. Shorter. Way shorter...


  1. Just as you reminded me, Hair grows back. It might take a century... but it will happen.

    And I love eating out. Ah, so relaxing.

  2. Who is this genius????? I love her! Love, love, love. When she finished singing, I burst into applause right here in my office together with her audience. Everyone thought I was insane.

  3. Ladies, hair is short but it's not really new! My stylist just took a lot of the weight out and I'm not used to it yet. It's a challenge to style in the morning...

    And K, that lady is amazing! She's Anita Renfroe. Someone told me she does a lot of conference circuits like Women of Faith. I love her momisms to music!

  4. seems many women I know are cutting their hair shorter ... I'm sorry you are not crazy about it yet.


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