Amara plays ball

OK not really. But Dad2Amara's work hit a home run by giving us tickets to its annual night at the ballpark.

Have you ever sat in the Club level of a ballpark or arena? It's worse for the soul - and the waistline - than the suites. In a loge, choices tend to be less plentiful. And it feels more like watching a game at home -- people you know in close quarters, watching what you eat. In the Club levels, you get in line like you normally would at the stadium but you don't pay a penny for anything.

Amara received a lesson in gluttony. Want ice cream? Sure, go ahead. Another hot dog? Get in line! My daughter indulged in everything she set her eyes on.

We did spend some time actually watching the game. But in the end, the good guys lost.

Amara seemed to have enjoyed herself....except the meltdown in the third inning. The sun just got to be too much - so we cooled off inside for a bit. I told Dad2Amara just to imagine how it'll be at Disney -- Florida in the middle of August! What were we thinking?! But I have little planned for our trip to the Magic Kingdom. So we may be hanging out poolside every afternoon!
today's good: We'll get to see Aunt2Amara tomorrow! We haven't seen Aunt2Amara since my birthday in March!
today's bad: The house's weekly clean is almost complete. Now it's off to run errands. Does the to-do list ever shrink?


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