can I get some cheese?

Because my Monday has been filled already with whine.

Nope, can't blame my preschooler and her first day of school. It's Mom2Amara needing a good spanking.

Oh, where to begin...

It's back to the daily grind for me. And that means heading into work. Can I tell you how badly my feet hurt right now? After two weeks away from the office, I'm just not accustomed to wearing heels. And to think I lived in heels BA (before Amara).

Finding the right shade of foundation is a struggle for me. I can never find a match for my Filipina skin. So just imagine how difficult it was this morning, trying to cover up my Florida tan and my raccoon eyes! My sunglasses left horrible tan lines!

And now I'm going through over 500 emails that need attention.

What joys.
today's good: Well, I choose yesterday to restart my running program. It was gorgeous out -- temps in the 70's. And I felt great after my 20 minute run. Not bad for my first time out in months.
today's bad: Need I say raccoon eyes again?
EDIT: I forgot to mention I have a new post up at Filipina Moms. Take a look if you have a sec!


  1. Cracking the whip! Back to work, lady!

    Loved the post over at Filipina Moms! You would think that such a large entity with such a huge international draw would try a little harder to be inclusive.

  2. I know the feeling... I went all summer wearing really comfy sandles, and now at my new job I MUST wear dress shoes! And my job involves a lot of standing and walking! By the end of the day, my feet feel like falling off!


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