Father forgive me

There are those few times during Mass when I actually hear what the priest is saying. And there are fewer times when I have a true reaction to his preaching.

These are two of those times.

Aprilfreelance quoted a verse from a chapter in John when Jesus asked Mary "Woman, what have I to do with thee?" Ha! Was he talking back to his Mom?

And every year, when the priest commands "thou shalt not covet your neighbor's ass," I normally respond with a chuckle. Then I tell Dad2Amara that I could never even glance at my neighbor's rear end because he actually plays for the "other team."

Sadly, this is what my Jesuit collegiate career has enlightened me to.
today's good: I just found the Filipina Moms blog. OMG how incredible! I will have some free time on my hands before we leave for Disney so I'm going to take in as much of this blog as I can!
today's bad: Apparently some of the Filipina Moms were at BlogHer and I didn't know to look for them! Booo!


  1. Aww man! I was in Blogher! Too bad we didn't meet.

    Anyway, glad to see that you had found FilipinaMoms.com and thank you for making some comments.

    Little Quiapo has moved to a waaaay better place! I mean lots of parking, brighter, and bigger restaurant too. Now located farther North of Chicago.

    BTW - we're still looking for more contributing writers, and I would love for you to join us! Let me know.

    :-) MJ aka sugarmama

  2. I have always had that same reaction to the verse about coveting my neighbor's ass!


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