haiku #2

Family's important.
Blood is thicker than water.
Through pain and smiles, love.

Exclude, I miss out.
Alienate, you do too,
'cause I watch her grow.
today's good: Godmother2Amara's baby shower was this afternoon and what a lovely time we had. Amara visited with relatives - from near and far. The gathering made me wish we lived closer to some of our family (like my cousin!). Family is so important, so vital to every person's existence. Without the love and stability of those relationships, I honestly believe you have nothing. And family does not need to be blood relatives. My co-workers are family. My college roommates and I were family. I am blessed to have all of you in my life.
today's bad: Is it Disney time yet?


  1. The shower was awesome, I couldn't have asked for a better party for the me & the baby!! Thank you!


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