hydrogen and oxygen

Again, I woke up to an impatient dog at the foot of my bed. But this time, Lady Katrina wasn't begging to go outside. I could hear rumble of thunder in the distance.

I assured Lady that a hurricane would not separate us, as I assume she had experienced in 2005.

I groggily stumbled out of bed and watched the sky turn from grey to black. Then the downpour hit. Bolts of lightning danced in the sky as thunder roared. Simultaneously. I sat waiting for an explosion because I was sure one of our neighbor's homes had been hit and was burning to the ground. I have never seen it like this.

And I have never been so frightened.

Whenever there's been a bad storm in the area, Dad2Amara has been with us. He's the one that makes sure some candles are lit, flashlights are on hand, and the appropriate measures are taken to make sure the house is secure. I'm an effin mess when it comes to severe weather. I. Am. Completely. Dependent. On Dad2Amara.

Guess I do need him for more than just cleaning the bathrooms. But I digress.

So Amara finally wakes, trudges downstairs, and immediately asks if Dad2Amara's home so we can leave the house. (She knows that Mom2Amara hates driving in the rain.) Then my little one questions if the rain is making her garden grow. Of course, that is followed with "Mom, how does God make water?"

Damn. Mom2Amara is not a science gal. Heck, I'm pretty mediocre in religion too.

When Amara asked Dad2Amara that same question, he gave her some God-mixed-hydrogen-and-oxygen type response. Yeah, obviously did not go over well with a four year old because our daughter is still asking the same question.

I mumbled something about how God created everything because he is the ultimate creator who rules the universe. Luckily Handy Manny came back and saved me.
today's good: With all this rain, I don't have to remember to water my flowers!
today's bad: Still waiting for that phone call...

Photo Credit: robpatrick