I heart my city

There, I said it.

I may bash it from time to time, cursing Dad2Amara for making me live here, but I'll admit there are some redeeming qualities to it.

I got up with the sunrise today. Our black lab was impatiently licking my foot, begging to go outside. So I decided to take advantage of the still sleeping house and snuck out for a walk.

For a moment, I could have sworn I was on the coast.

The breeze was brisk. And the smell of the water just filled the air.

On my walk towards the pier, I noticed not one, but two beautiful cottages. They were complete with white shake siding and English gardens lining their front walks. Both homes had gorgeous lake views. And as I peered past the candle sitting on each window sill, I could see quaint white wicker everywhere. These are my dream homes. So why had I never noticed them before?

Later in the morning, I took Amara to our local farmers market. Maybe the lake water got to my head and made me hunger (excuse the pun) for the Shore, but everything looked spectacular. The peaches were gorgeous - plump and luscious. I bought broccoli that was picked just an hour prior to landing in my hands. Nothing beats sweet Ohio corn. The sunflowers were big and bright. And I happened upon a great local artist who fashioned an awesome turquoise necklace that has found a new home in my jewelry box. I don't remember the market being so...whole.

I could kick myself for not having my camera with me -- out on the lake and at the market. It was that magnificent of a Saturday.

The weekend is typically a rat race - driving from point A to point B with little downtime. But today, I forgave myself for not tidying the house to perfection. I ordered myself not to turn on the laptop until after Amara went to bed. And I just enjoyed life. It was nice.
today's good: So after Amara was tucked away, heading to meet Mr. Sandman, I actually did get most of my chores completed! Wheee!
today's bad: How is it half the weekend is already past?


  1. Can I come spend a weekend with you? Your Saturday sounds divine!

    I got to work.

  2. Glad to see you took it easy this weekend... always a good thing to unwind and relax. :)

    Yes - you can wait until you return from your family vacation to see Mickey. I'd love to scrapbook Disney pictures. :)


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