just for dreamers?

It's taken me a few days to summon up the courage to write this post. I'm not scared of your reactions. I fear my own.

Apparently a lot of soul searching takes place when you're on a true vacation, filled with rest and relaxation.

It seems one by one, several occurrences in the last week have made me truly contemplate what I really want to do with my life professionally.

First, I was invited to apply and interview for a position newly created at an institution of higher learning. The position has yet to be posted. And they. Called. Me.

Scary. No way. I have a good job. I'm Employee of the Month for heaven's sake.

Yet for a fleeting moment, I remembered a time during college. I thought I didn't want to enter television news. I considered student affairs as a way to make my livelihood. I had been paid by university departments to oversee different programs. That challenged me to develop many skills. I was a leader. I advised and supervised. And I enjoyed the various tiers of these positions. And I thrived on the interaction with the diverse groups of students. But I saw it best to continue on the journey I was already well in to.

Unbeknownst to Nataly at Work It, Mom!, she then pointed me in the direction of this article that got my wheels turning. She's like my Perez. I read her every post as she works out of a coffee shop on her website. Sure the article says:

"The reason so many young people are starting companies is not because jobs are hard to find; it's because dream jobs are hard to find."
But I could find one, right? Nataly is founder of a terrific, innovative website. Making a living with good java and the Internet? I could find a profession that incorporated all of my loves too, right?

I was starting to freak out at the deep, contemplative mood I was entering. So I resolved to rid myself of the anxiety with my September issue of O Magazine. Damn that Oprah. I couldn't get past page 49. That's where she encouraged her readers to say:

"The fact that I'm good at something or making a lot of money at something doesn't mean I have to do it forever."
Ughhhhh! What is going on here?

No way! I read O Magazine to unwind. I would not get worked up over some silly quote that Oprah's people probably had edited twenty times to sound just right. I continued flipping through the magazine. But that's when I saw one last quote that struck a chord. Mary South writes:
"There are many good reasons not to toss your life up in the air and see how it lands. Just don't let fear be one of them."

I've worked hard to get to where I am. I'm not unhappy. But am I happy? Dad2Amara has two successful careers - at the firm he works for and as a college professor. We live comfortably. Amara will be in kindergarten next fall so my time with her during the day will be limited. The list could go on and on. So what's holding me back?

Do dream jobs really exist? Could another office - or lack thereof - be calling?
today's good: Aside from the fact that I got up while the crickets were out in force so I got tons done to get the yellow house cleaned up, today's good is actually a good find. CindyW at Organic Picks talked about the The Broken Plate Company. OMG. YOU. MUST. LOOK. I heart this artist's work.
today's bad: Dad2Amara and I are attending a wedding reception this evening. And while we are happy for the newlyweds, our flight is mighty early tomorrow. Come to your own conclusions...


  1. Absolutely YES you should apply for the job. Like I said over on Work it, Mom...why WOULDN'T you!?!?!?


  2. do keep us posted....i love the fact that life can be continually surprising and I really do believe that, for most of us, there is no one right path....

  3. I thought I left the best job ever 10 years ago to move to hickville, but I realized that the job I have now is the best and now I have been doing it for 8 years! I love it but I know that there is something else going to be calling me sometime soon. Just be prepared for change, and if the change turns out not just right, another change always happens sooner than later.

  4. change is good. go for it, girl! dreams jobs DO exist. :)


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