link love

With some time on my hands post-dig and scrape and pre-Disney, I've been catching up, getting the latest from some beloved blogs.

And since some folks are leaving me hanging, I'm left to read other blogs. (Y'all know I love you but lemme in on your lives! Blog for heavens sake!)

But I'm enjoying the search for new blogs to latch on to.

So aside from other fantastic bloggers I have previously mentioned, take a look at some of these new finds:

Organic Picks | Baby Powder | The Dana Files | Misa Gracie's blog | Jenorama

today's good: Lots of coffee plus a day in bed equals a happy Mom2Amara
today's bad: Should I be worried when Amara says she's more excited for school than she is for the Magic Kingdom?


  1. Aww!! Thanks for the shoutout! You're too kind! -hugs-


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