more memorable moments

As I was spending a lazy Saturday morning going through vacation photos, I was reminded of one last Amara quotable.

My daughter had watched Pluto entertain a few other diners with his dancing. So when Pluto approached our table, the first thing Amara says to him is "I can shake my booty like you!"

And off her chair and into the middle of the restaurant they go, hand in hand, to boogie!

In case you're not Disney'd out yet from my last few posts, here are a few of my favorite mouse moments from the last week. Enjoy!

today's good: While my to-do list grows, I spent the morning doing "me" things -- working out, going through photos, catching up on email. It's a fantastic laissez-faire attitude for the weekend.
today's bad: Is the weekend half over already?!


  1. Amara will remember this vacation for the rest of her life. What a gift. And, boy is she adorable! "Shaking her booty, indeed."

  2. So glad that you had a good trip! The pictures are amazing. You've made me twice as determined to go next year!

  3. She looks so pretty with her makeup!

  4. Of course, Amara looks adorable but I have to say, I love your haircut - very stylin'!! :)

  5. ok - where are the rest of the pics? I know you have them. I love disney too. I just want to keep going back over and over again!

  6. Makita, thanks for the compliment! The 30 pounds I've gained in the last 12 months have made me camera shy... So I'll take what kind words I can get!

    Shine, I didn't want to bore all of you with the hundreds of photos!

    Mama Zen, I definitely recommend Disney! Love it there!

  7. I can't see any picyures! Boooo ...
    I'm so sad.

  8. KatieTry to refresh your browser. That should fix it for ya!

  9. These photos are absolutely adorable!!! DD is looking forward to her meeting with the princesses as well when we embark on our Disney vacay tomorrow. DH in particular is looking forward to meeting Princess Jasmine. Methinks it's because unlike the other conservatively dressed princesses, PJ is in a bikini top. Woot!


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