my guilty pleasure

Please don't poke fun. But I have a confession.

I dream of one day running a marathon. But there are some marathons that I just can't say no to now.

I just spent the last few hours watching a Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon on television.

I don't even see me as the "type" to watch Dog. But I do anytime they have twenty shows running consecutively.

Law and Order SVU. Top Chef. How Do I Look?. I watch them all.

Maybe I feel more connected to the characters if I watch them for six hours straight.

Or maybe zoning out in front of the boob tube is a perfect excuse for shutting off the laptop.

But whatever it is, I think I can now be considered a relative of Duane Chapman. I think I know more about him than I do about some of my own family. Sad. But don't worry. My family tree is staying intact. I'll refrain from contacting my relative, Dog. I'm afraid he'd send his wife after me.


  1. For me, it used to be "E! True Hollywood Story." Why, WHY don't they have marathons of these anymore?

    Let's Sex and the City. Doesn't matter that I've watched each and every single ep. Love those 4 chicks. Love em.

  2. And yet another three hours of my life given to Dog last night. What is this spell he has over me?

  3. so whose guilty pleasure is more guilty? big brother or dog hunter!?! hmmm...


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