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It's been awhile. And I apologize.

A lot has happened this week. No real emergency. But it's going to take some time for me to compose my thoughts before I can share.

But to make up for the lost time, I feel I should be a bit philosophical today.

Mama Holler recently wrote about a question posed by another blogger -- What piece of advice have you been given that resulted in something positive?

Everyone always wants to offer you words of wisdom. Strangers have tidbits that can make your pregnancy healthier. Family members offer advice on how to better your life.

Yet there is one piece of advice that stands out for Mom2Amara.

I was an intern in a top 15 television market, still in college and still naive. I was barely a week into the job and overwhelmed by the masses of people I encountered. So I did not know anyone's name. But one gentleman said something so profound that I follow his advice to this day.

He said:
You may not remember their names, but make sure they remember yours.
At my ripe young age, I thought, how could I possibly set myself apart in this fast paced environment?

But then I realized. There are many people who possess the opposite values and beliefs. There are people who live to shred their peers, hoping to exploit every weakness. And for better or for worse, it seems everyone knows who they are.

Would I be able to find a balance between both? Could I find it within myself to have a pure core discipline that included both self-assertiveness (but not too much boasting) and pure compassion?

I learned the answer is yes.

Life does not just dole out lemons so you have something to drink. Not only does life make you search for those lemons, but you must also separate the good lemons from the bad. And then, you must find the juicer to make the effin lemonade. From there, you can always add some suga' to sweeten it a bit.

Yes, sometimes my search for fruit is called bitchiness. And they say my sugar is bragging.

But if I don't do it, who will?
today's good: It's Friday and I. HAVE. NOTHING. PLANNED.
today's bad: I have a piercing headache. Anyone have a dagger a deep hole to hide in some extra extra strength Tylenol they'd like to share?


  1. Love this post! And girl, since life doesn't even ask you if you LIKE lemonade, I say sweeten it up any way you want!

  2. I second Mama Zen!

    Good, thinking post!


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