something's cooking

Potty training was easy with Amara.

And with the announcement of a Disney vacation, big-girl-Amara now sleeps through the night without a diaper.

We've been accident free...until last night.

She came up from her playroom, trying to keep her backside from showing. So I immediately knew what was wrong.

Dad2Amara and I were ready to scold her. But we were matter of factly told that she was not lazy. And she was not too involved with her toys.

No, Amara had a much better excuse cooking.

Apparently my four-year-old was making dinner at her "stove" and her culinary masterpiece made of some concoction of plastic eggs and paper was not quite done.

And what chef leaves her delicious meal unattended?

Yeah, Dad2Amara and I had no response. We were speechless.

She's already beating us at this game we call parenthood.


  1. OMHeck that is hilarious! None of mine has ever been quite so creative in the excuse for accidents, and Trout had them up until, oh, earlier this summer, and she is 7.5. Wonderful creative Amara!


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