three things

Three things Amara said that I will never forget:

  1. I arranged for Mickey to call our hotel room for a wake up call. Amara picked up the phone and you could just see her excitement. She hung up and when asked what Mickey said, she replies, "I don't know, I don't speak mouse."

  2. We sat in at the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. Think Second City with the movie's theme. It happened to be the day Amara was all dolled up as Princess Aurora. So at the end of the act, we hear "Everyone, we are pleased to announce we have a Princess with us in the audience." Cue spotlight right on Amara! The camera is right on my Asian princess. And the host has the microphone in her face, asking her questions. When we walked out of the attraction, Amara proclaims, "Mom, I look beautiful on TV!"

  3. Amara took part in the ritual of asking characters for their autographs. We were the paparazzi. As we searched for Cinderella and Belle this is the conversation I had with my daughter.
    Amara: "I'm going to give the princesses my autograph."
    Mom2Amara: "But you're not famous."
    Amara: "But I'm smart."
Three things I learned about Disney World:

  1. Mickey is an elusive mouse. Outside of parades, we never saw the guy.

  2. You're never too old for the Disney magic. This was our first time visiting the parks with Amara, but it was still an enchanting experience for me and Dad2Amara.

  3. Resort transportation can not be considered equal. Dad2Amara and I were used to jetting on the monorail to get from park to park. And if the monorail couldn't get us there, it got us pretty damn close. This trip, we stayed at the BoardWalk Inn. The resort boasts you can walk to both Epcot and the MGM Studios. Yeah, you can walk there if you're not toting around a preschooler in 105 degree heat. Not to mention getting to the Polynesian for dinner took TWO HOURS by bus. From the Yellow House, I'd be in another state.


  1. I love that you are raising this smart, confident beautiful girl.

  2. your daughter is just too cute.

    I love disneyland... never been to disneyworld though. maybe one day with ricky...

  3. I've been telling everyone the "I don't speak mouse" story! Love it!

  4. Love it! "I don't speak mouse!" ... so cute! :)

  5. Thanks ladies. Great anecdotes always fill my day when I'm with Amara!


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