unBEARable: why I hate McDonald's Playland

Amara and I recently met up with her friend, Nina, for a playdate at our local Mickey D's.

Yes, their food completely rocks the food charts, is high in calories, and will clog your arteries (one reason why I hate the fast food chain), but the girls heart Happy Meals. And by meeting at a restaurant, it meant I didn't have to clean the house.

So Mom2Nina and I decided to meet up mid-afternoon to allow the lunch crowd to die down and to beat the dinner rush. For over an hour, Amara and Nina were the only children in Playland.

The entire time, I was tense about the nasty germs that linger on the slides and steering wheels (another reason why I loathe McDonald's). But because of the time we choose, I was happy that we didn't have to worry about the neighborhood hoodlums ruining the girls' afternoon.

That was until the boys entered the picture.

You know the type. Two boys ran into Playland unaccompanied even though there's a sign clearly stating adults should always stay with the children. And they began to terrorize the girls (even more reason why Mickey D's is like hell).

Oh and did I mention that their grubby bare feet were all over the play equipment because their parents or guardians or whatever punk adult was watching them at the time (I still didn't know who it was since they were nowhere to be found) didn't bring them socks to play in. Coincidentally that was also a rule posted on the sign that these bullies didn't care to read. How nasty and so not sanitary that is. Yuck.

Mom2Nina and I were about to intervene when Nina came racing down one of the slides with Amara right behind. Nina stands at the bottom of the slide, hands to her hips and screams
"You want a piece of me?"
She's four.

And not to be outdone, Amara hollers at the boys
"And I'm a bear. A Build-A-Bear-Workshop bear. Growl!"
She tried so hard to be ferocious. But all I could do was laugh.

But word to the wise: Don't mess with Amara. She always has her friend's back.
today's good: My medically induced hangover is slowly subsiding. At least when I'm drunk off my rear, a bit of Motrin will do the trick. Not today. But today, no ibuprfin is helping. But at least it's done. Now, it's time to heal.
today's bad: I spent the day searching for any TV marathons. Where the heck where they all??


  1. My daughter totally got run over at a McD's once. She had to be rescued at the top of the play thing.

    It's a necessary evil.

  2. I hope Rick will be just like your daughter and her friend one day...

  3. i stopped playland when i saw pee running down the slide one day. good thing it was after my kids went down. end of mickey d's playland!

  4. LOL! I just commented on your spoiled brat post. At least I can say with pride that my boys are always well-behaved in these shared play situations - and I would never let D. play in one of those play areas unsupervised (S. is too old to interested).


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