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A popular recess pastime is being banned from some playgrounds. But are we harming those kids in the process?

An elementary school is banning tag from its playground. School officials believe the game can lead to unnecessary harassment.


I am not advocating supporting school bullies. But how is playing a simple childhood game harassment?

By playing tag, not only are we as parents encouraging health and fitness in our children, but we are also teaching our children how to play fairly with others and allowing them to learn valuable life lessons. Because remember, life is not always filled with good, kind hearted adults.

I think a problem with some kids today is that they are being raised in an environment that coddles them.

Do not get me wrong. I do not want Amara to ever be the target of harassment. (Although I think she'd kick any bullies @ss. She's good like that)

But I also do not want her to think that life is easy and that she will always be given her way.

What do you think? Am I wrong? Is the game of tag simply outdated?

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  1. Tag? Are they serious? I think bullying is a serious issue but I cannot, for the life of me, connect the dots to tag.
    As for what you say about exercise (something that most kids do not do enough) and life lessons, I agree with every word.

  2. Dodge ball is also a NOGO on the playgrounds.... how did we ever survive elementary school? I know I wasn't the bully, but was I bullied... I don't remember!

  3. I totally agree with you that our kids are growing up in an unnecessary-super-protective environment. Case in point, I was talking to a very unset mom this morning at my daughter's kinder. She said that her daughter came home last night with a bruise on the knee from being knocked over by a bigger kid at the school playground. I asked if it was an accident. "Yes," she replied, "but the teacher only asked the big kid to be careful." Well, what should she do? lock up the big kid? "I don't know, but they need to do more," she insisted. But please, this is the kids' playground. Accidental bumping and hurting each other happens as long as it is not dangerous and it is not intentional. "I will raise hell if this happens again," she announced. Urgh, soon there will be no recess, no playtime, or only quiet walking in the playground. What kind of kids are we trying to raise?

  4. Schools are getting absolutely crazy! No tag, no dodge ball, no class birthday parties for the little ones! No fun!

  5. Isn't it all sad? No tag because it's harassment. No cupcakes for birthdays because they're too sugary. What's this world come to?

    Now, before anyone else points out that the school does allow running, just not the specific game of tag, I realize that. But again, it's a sport of sorts. Some kids will be tagged and some will skate free. Again, another important life lesson - sometimes you'll win and sometimes you'll lose. That's how it is to be an adult.

  6. Sounds like a knee-jerk reaction to one particular incident.

    Banning Dodgeball I can see -- that crap could heard -- but Tag?

    Naw. Silly.

  7. i wonder if in addition to banning tag the school is offering a workshop or class for children about harassment, how a parent can spot it and how a child and/or parent could/should deal with it. i think that would better serve their community than a ban on playing tag altogether.

  8. I was bullied as a kid, and I can assure you it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the game of tag! Tag is just a fun game that involves a lot of running and laughing (things that are very healthy for children to do on a regular basis) and which doesn't involve teams, so anyone can join in at any time, which in my book is a great thing! How can they ban Tag???


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