3 reasons to ban dance class

Today is the first day of the dance season.

I could do without the early Saturday morning classes. Especially since Amara dances like her father -- no rhythm and no grace.

But Amara really enjoys it. So we're going to shell out another $500 for lessons. Damn. I could have used that cash to buy a new purse and had money to spare.

So as I bitterly sat waiting for Amara's class to end, I was reminded as to why I. HATE. DANCE. CLASS.

  1. Bitchy dance moms Simply put, I cannot tolerate rude people. And I take personal offense when other moms are the perpetrators.

    Nataly questioned why moms insult each other. But you know what? It's not just a mom thing. It's a human thang. Does common courtesy no longer exist?

    Case in point: Trashy mom sits down to my right. A few minutes later, fat mom sits down to my left. Amara comes waltzing in, needing to go potty. So I take her to the bathroom, only to return to find that fat mom is all in my space, talking to trashy mom and ignoring my attempts to take my seat. They then take the liberty of inviting another mom to sit in my seat even though my purse, Amara's shoes, and my coffee mug are below.

    What an elitist group of bi-otches.

    BTW, these are the same moms who turned their noses at me last year because I don't hog window space to watch Amara's every move. I'd rather read my morning newspaper and sip my coffee. And they are the very women who judge me because I work and cannot assist at every parade, fundraiser, or performance that comes about.

  2. Recitals. I know Amara will never be selected to dance with the Joffrey Ballet. So why, in addition to my yearly registration fee and tuition, must I pay hundreds of dollars more for a hideous costume that she will wear twice - once during dress rehearsal and once for the actual recital? I have yet to see a four year old at Amara's studio exhibit any tremendous talent worth showcasing. So why the recital?

  3. Individuality is not necessarily good.There's no "I" in team. And there's no Amara either. I hate knowing that my daughter is not participating in a team sport. There are so many mental and physical benefits to team sports -- many that Amara misses out on because she's in ballet and tap. So while she's trying to lift her leg higher in arabesque or get her feet in first position, other kids are learning teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Looks like I despise it even more than I did last year.


  1. Yuck! Sounds dreadful! I'm not going to do the dance class thing unless I'm forced. Baby Puppy wants to do cheerleading, which I'm sure is just as bad.

  2. Amara will learn musicality, rhythm, poise and good posture though, things that are good to have. Recitals will also give her courage to face an audience (not that she has a fear of that -- far from it, right?) ;-)

    But I totally hear you on the team sport thing. My kids are in gymnastics, essentially ballet without the music. I would have much preferred for both to be in soccer but our (working parents) schedule just doesn't allow us to take the kids to 4 pm soccer practice.

    And I too hate those beeyotch moms. The thing that *I* do to rile them up? Openly read an erotica novel while waiting for the kids to finish with gymnastics. Yep, I'm a married woman with kids that still has sex! Hehe...

  3. I'm so sorry that you hate Amara's dance class but I can certainly sympathize with your reasons and can understand why you feel that way. My suggestion is to find a different dance studio.

    My 2 kiddos loved dance ... for the two of them we shelled out about $70 a month. Their costumes for the recital were about $50 total. Parents received 2 free tickets while additional tickets were $10 each. Very reasonable for the 45 min/week class.

    The recital is actually very fun and enjoyable for everyone involved and is quite relaxed. Just a day for the kids to show what they've learned. No pressure. There are some very talented students at the studio but most are doing it for the enjoyment.

    I totally agree with all that Karmela said... love your erotica idea!! I'll have to try that sometime. :)

    As she gets older, she may express interest in team sports - until then, continue to let her express herself through dance. It teaches so much, coordination, etc.

    My sweetie loves taekwondo. You might check out a school in your area. :)

  4. Karmela - I think Makita would agree...you may be on to something with the erotica!


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