an open letter from my four year old

Amara's having one of those Saturday's.

It started in Target when she made one of those grunts with her mouth closed that sounds like a steam engine train coming full speed ahead. I think I actually saw smoke coming from her ears.

Why all the noise?

Because I asked her to return a basket she had taken.

Later this afternoon, we were preparing to leave the house for lunch when Amara threw a fit because I would not give her any juice to drink. I figured she'd survive the 10 minute drive to Panera.

I was wrong. Amara threw herself beneath my dining room table and let out a piercing scream.

Why is my preschooler acting this way?

But I must be doing something right. This is what was handed to me a bit ago.

According to Amara, this is what it reads:
Dear Mom and Dad,
I love you. I am sorry. I was not a big girl. I was a bad girl. I promise I won't do it again. I won't disappoint you. I just love you so much. I love my mom and my dad and Lady [our dog].
Now, how could I stay mad?


  1. Yeah, I'd say that shows what a good mom you are! Little kids can be hell on wheels, but the fact that she came to you afterwards with a note of apology she "wrote" shows that she thought about her behavior and felt bad and wanted to make things right. She must have good parents AND she's a very smart little kid!

  2. So precious! Save that note for her 'baby book' or scrapbook.

    Funny though, how some days they can be perfect angels and the next, 'hell on wheels' or in our case, in flip flops.

  3. Amara is one smart cookie. I love that letter!

  4. AWE!
    Tell her, she IS a good girl, she just made a bad choice!! What a sweetheart.

  5. Oh man. Yup. Just when you are ready to trade them in they do something like this. My kids are masters and it works every time. This not is just too, too much.


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