are you counting the days?

Dana over at The Dana Files is going through one of the hardest things I have ever experienced, the loss of a pet.

And it got me to thinking about Lucida.

It's been 164 days since we lost her. Not 5 months and 11 days. Not 23 weeks and 3 days. But 164 days. Because we still feel her loss every day.

So after a good cry, I needed to count the days towards more uplifting events.

  • 109 days until Christmas (Dad2Amara, better start thinking gift ideas!)

  • 159 days until Valentine's Day (Dad2Amara, flowers, jewelry, and jewelry)

  • 185 days until my birthday (a getaway would be nice)

  • 272 days until the last day of school

What are you counting down the days to?


  1. I lost my dear friend of 14 years, Emma the golden retriever on June 29, 2006. I still grieve for her.
    I'm not counting down the days to anything right now. I have a couple of deadlines and I really would prefer time to slow down!

  2. I just want to cry with you. That's all I did last night. I called my mom and she was just sobbing. I didn't know what to say or do, so I just cried with her.

    Pets are just so precious. It's awful when we lose them.

    Also, Plain Jane Mom lost her family's puppy, Lucy. If you have time, visit her here: She's feeling so awful. I wish I could hug her!

  3. my birthday... 8 days away and it's the big 3-5! horrifying to actually write that but it is only a number.

  4. you know what i'm counting down to!

  5. Laurie -- It's amazing how the pain really never goes away after losing our pets.

    Dana -- I just went over to her site. How horrible for her family.

    Todd -- Birthday?!? Let's go out for drinks! Seriously!

    Mariel -- You haven't popped yet? What's taking her so long!

  6. Sweetie's bday party on the 13th
    Disneyland on Oct 2
    California Marathon on Dec 2
    what else, hmmmm?


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