best friends

They held hands throughout the entire amusement park.

Amara calmed Nina after a scary ride on the roller coaster. (Look at fearless Amara with her arms up before the first hill.)

And Nina hugged a crying Amara after Amara fell from her carousel horse. (Ooops. Bad Mom2Amara!)

Best friends are always there for each other. I'm glad Amara has found a great friend in Nina!


  1. Awwww! That's too cute! Which park did you go to?

  2. Kate, It's a kiddie park in the area. It was our first visit. The girls loved it.

  3. These are great pictures. I especially love the one of Amara with her hands up in the air.

  4. Ok, Amara already has a best friend, so make sure she knows she's going to be highmaintenancebaby's big sister!


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