children, Britney, and boobies

I was conflicted last week as I watched the VMA performance of Britney Spears. I enjoy her music. I just don't enjoy it wearing next to nothing on my post-baby body.

Dropping the whole VMA fiasco would be best for everyone ultimately. But now nudity accusations from Brit's former bodyguard are cropping up. Yet Britney has found another supporter.

The toddler son of talk show host Sherri Shepherd sees his mom naked.

Parents often question the topic of children and nudity.

Heck, when Amara first said "boobie" in front of Dad2Amara and me, I freaked.

Now, Amara occasionally bathes with me, and my embarrassment is undeniable. Not that I am uncomfortable with the human body's beauty. However, this unclothed being created that innocent being.

Who am I to spoil that?

What about you? Are you at ease talking about nudity in front of your children? Can you comfortably walk in front of them sans clothes?
today's good: A lot has happened in the last few days but because of my audience, I cannot share all of the details. I promise I will when I can. But that means I'll be able to catch up on everyone's blogs today! It's been soooo long!
today's bad: Well, I'm off to work in less than four hours and I'm awake still...


  1. Nudity and children is a very sticky subject. I don't have kids of my own but I do know that when I am around children of others (family or friends) and it comes to bathing, I stick with the side of caution. Everyone gets their own bath time - supervised for small children and not for those old enough to handle it themselves.

    It's not that I am a prude or that I think the human body is something to be ashamed of, I just don't want to introduce any "new information" that their parents may not want them to have about the body and how it changes as they grow up.

    Do I think it wrong for a parent to be nude in front of their child? Not under certain circumstances - if that child is very young or if an older child is of the same sex, fine. If a mother is standing nude in front of her 10 year old son that's just wrong on so many levels in my book.

  2. I sometimes change in front of my four year old, even post-mastectomy. I don't think it freaks him out, one bit.

    I stopped changing in front of my nine-year old a few years ago (when he was five, maybe). I don't think it's wrong for kids to learn about their bodies and how bodies change, or even that women's and men's bodies are quite different.

    However, I also think there comes a time to reinforce the message that our bodies are private and I have found it fairly easy to identify when that time came.

    It's a fine line....


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