choosy moms choose...

Talk about a boost in confidence.

I'm having one of those weeks.

I thought I had allergies. But now Amara and Dad2Amara are sick.

Nothing fits right. Could be because I've stopped working out and meeting with the trainer.

Church was abominable. I make it a point to try to work on my spirituality. And I fail. Or it floundered. Who knows.

But last night I took inventory of the many ongoings I call "life" and put them under the microscope, scrutinizing every detail.

So when I read this, I laughed.

A new study says women are pickier when it comes to finding a significant other. Men? They choose the ladies based on good looks.

It's no surprise. But if Dad2Amara is a stereotypical guy, and I think on most accounts he is, that means he picked me because I'm a cute Filipina. At least that's what I go with. And it makes me happy.

And if I can lumped myself in with the test women, that means I chose Dad2Amara because of his kind, caring heart.

Or because he was less of an @ss than the other boys I dated.

Ooooh, guess that's the bad week attitude in me coming out. Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.
today's good: My day is half over at work! Wheee!
today's bad: God willing, haven't come across one yet. So we'll see what the day holds!


  1. Your day is 'half over' at 7:21am?!!! Ouch.

  2. Hehe...DH definitely picked me because of my looks. And because I asked him out first. Yeah, he likes easy girls.

    Me? I picked him because of his cute, floppy hair (at the time), his broad shoulders that looked great in a suit, his fantastic ass, and (after dating an entire string of unsuitable flyboys, squids and jarheads), because he was NOT in the military.

    Hehe...I think we're all highly superficial in our twenties.

  3. K - Superficial in our 20's? I think I'm still somewhat at that point!

    Laurie - Yes, sadly enough, I start my day waaaay to early.


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