going pantless

Dad2Amara and I are polar opposites.

He's calm, cool, and collected. I'm like the ticking time bomb always on the go.

He's a saver. I can rationalize almost any purchase.

I like salty foods you can't get him away from sweets.

We both bring something to the table when it comes to our marriage. We recognize that.

But I think there are times when Dad2Amara wishes I'd go pantless.

And I'm not talking sex.

People say I wear the pants in the family. Maybe because I'm more vocal. Maybe I'm aggressive.

Work It Dad talks about it too.

So, who wears the pants in your family?


  1. Mr. Hazel sounds a lot like Dad2Amara...he is also the saver while I'm the spender, and he's the calm, cool, collected one (especially during fights) while I have the bad temper.

    But he's definitely the one wearing the pants...largely because he's the oldest in birth order, and I'm the youngest, so our roles in our marriage fell naturally in place to fit our personalities and experiences.

  2. haha - I think I wear the pants simply because I too am the more agressive personality. When it comes to bills, disputes with banks, hooking up the VCR - it's all me baby.

    Though, in my opinion my husband fills out his pants much better than I do (gotta love Soccer Player Butts!!).

  3. Oh, that SO depends on who you ask!

  4. Ricky.

    Toilet training is a blast.

    lol. oh and I swear I have ADD. I change my blog look often. maybe one day I will get something professionally done. actaully, I said to myself if I had real people who actually read my blog daily and I hit 3000 hits by october, I would get it done. hmmm... I am at 2639 last time I checked. :)

  5. Totally off topic, Nik but how's Lola?

  6. Funny post. Between Mr Cindy and Cindy, neither of us wears pants, so needless to say our household is in a perpetual disarray!

    Actually we switch pants, he wear them when dealing with household things, like finance and purchases, and I wear them when big decisions need to be made, like where are we going for our vacation, Italy or Chile. It's like I am the president and he is the general. Does President trump General?

  7. Misa Gracie - girl, I got back so I'm filling the pants!

  8. Kate, Great-Grandma2Amara is doing OK given the circumstances. We visited with her today. But I bet she'd love to hear from you so why don't you shoot her an email or give her a call?

  9. First off, happy blogoversary! ::pops virtual champagne cork::

    Second, I actually find the term "wearing the pants in the family" a little archaic. I think it harkens back to an era where it WAS expected that someone in the family will be the dominant personality. I've learned through the years that sometimes my wishes are dominant, sometimes DH's wishes are dominant, and sometimes it's the FAMILY's wishes that are dominant. The ebbs and flows of family life are forever flexible. I will say though that when it comes to emergencies and dealing with difficult people (insurance companies, doctors, etc), I usually bring my A-Game. DH is simply non-confrontational that way. But I wouldn't say that I'm the dominant one in the family or that he is. I think we've simply learned to stop sweating the small stuff (which were the cause of 95% of our clashes) and let things fall where they may.

  10. To be honest, in our house, it is divided pretty equally. However, he has a more dominant personality and is great at deligating tasks, etc. I, on the other hand, have to work at it.


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