how being overweight makes a house a home

I drove past Ethan Allen recently and made a mental sticky note to stop in one of these days to look for a settee. I don't really need one. But I've been talking about getting one. Now's as good of a time as ever.

Dad2Amara is talking again about putting the Yellow House up on the market. This time, he's thinking the end of the year.

Yet, I still managed to find another must have for the Yellow House.

We moved into the Yellow House just before Amara was born. And ever so slowly, it has truly become a home.

The kitchen is the central part of our home. It's quite the hub for activity -- be it breakfast or for a party with friends. I will always hold close to my heart dear memories of decorating my first batch of Christmas cookies with Amara. Cookies that have inevitably added to my increasing waistline.

And it's not just the memories.

Virtually every piece of furniture in the Yellow House was bought after we moved in. So everything seems to "fit."

And we've been able to accessorize, paint, and wainscot to my heart's content because Dad2Amara and I have had some extra change to doll up the house. Why? Because I haven't added to my wardrobe in a loooooong time.

It's no secret. I have gained 30 pounds since last summer. Call it a combination of factors -- stress, laziness, work schedule, a change in family obligations.

So in the end, I refuse to buy new clothes until I'm back to my "normal" weight. No way am I going to hit my favorite stores until I'm twice the size of Kate Moss. I don't like knowing my measurements are five times hers.

Much to the dismay of Dad2Amara, I instead buy home furnishings.

There are perks to being fat.

But I have to admit. The house does look nice.
today's good: It's a little link love today. Happened upon this designer's blog. It's inspiring, hip, and totally cute. I'm envious of artsy, creative people like this!
today's bad: Work.