motherhood in Paris: why some celebs shouldn't reproduce

She made teacup pups trendy. Now, it seems motherhood is en vogue.
She turned her life around in the jail. Now Paris Hilton says she's ready to be a mom.

A mom.

Does she really have it in her to become a mother?

I admittedly proclaimed myself as the least maternal person on this planet prior to having my daughter. Yet deep down inside, I guess I did have what it takes. But I know I must still work at being the best mom I can be.

Motherhood is hard. Nothing is handed to a mom on a silver platter. Sleep does not come in a can that can be picked up at the store. Nurturing can't be bought. You can't buy a child's heart.

Maybe motherhood will change her the way time behind bars did.

Then again, prospective nannies are probably lining up at her doorstep. She'll probably design a line of baby clothes and call it a day.

Too bad, for most moms, it's not "a day." It's a lifetime.

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  1. Seems like some celebrities (and other people for that matter) see children as another accessory to show off to the world!

  2. no. she can't. she is a whore and will be a shitty one.

    PS you would so be fun in play group. promise I won't talk about dead bodies. lol

  3. Paris Hilton as a mother? Now that is a very scary concept. She doesn't even take very good care of her dogs...


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