school fundraising burnout

It's only the second week of school and I'm sick.

I have this pitted feeling in my stomach when I'm approached by another parent. My vision blurs each time a catalog is pulled from their briefcase. Then I feel an emptiness only known in the depths of my wallet.

Experts say I have school fundraising fatigue syndrome.

The kids have barely read the first chapter of their science books. But it seems the school districts have fundraising ranked as a high priority.

How is it that two moms have already tempted me with offers of holiday gift wrap and cookie dough?

Education and school funding are no joke. In Ohio, the current state of school funding has been deemed unconstitutional. Yet the system remains broken.

So I trust the schools are putting the money I generously offer (by ways of over priced items) go to good use.

In my district alone, transportation has been dropped to the state minimum, athletes must "pay to play," and field trips have been eliminated. So by purchasing magazine subscriptions and personalized stationary, I know I'm ultimately sending a kindergartner to the local zoo.

I can't complain.

I do love everything in the catalogs. I even think I have a wrapping paper addiction.

But I have to question why school administrators couldn't wait at least another week or so before becoming my dealer, pushing their version of Mom2Amara narcotics.

Seriously, my goddaughter is in preschool and even she is encouraging me to get high on pumpkin scented candles. Preschool.

I don't think there's a cure. Therapy hasn't worked either.

So in the spirit of giving and in hopes of supporting education, I urge all of you to donate. To me.

I promise you a nicely wrapped Christmas gift in return.


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  2. I wonder how much $ the school actually earns compared to the $ the company gets for the product. Girl Scout Cookies for example - don't the girls keep only 25 cents a box?? Ridiculous!

    (that's what I've been told, anyway... I have not fact-checked)

  3. I was actually going to post about this topic. I can't believe that school just started and already there are at least three or four of those sign-up sheets at my workplace. My employer allows them but parents can't shove them in your face. They only can be left on a table. Actually a really good idea!

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