stop talking!

While I sipped my morning coffee, I gasped aloud when I read an article in my local paper about "girl talk."

But apparently such conversations are bad for our health.

You know what it is: when teens gather around a table, talking about the sagas with their boyfriends or their lack of money for the must-have shoes at the mall.

But experts say "girl talk" can extend past high school. Watercooler chit chat about the boss and emails between moms on our kids sleeping habits fall in this category too.

The article's author calls it "I wanna be in a mess, too" syndrome.

The so-called experts seem to think females just want to one up each other, even when it comes to our daily trials. Misery loves company, right? Supposedly it's true when it comes to women.

Researchers say rather than comforting women, these gripe sessions are pity parties in disguise that lead to depression in both the pitier and pitiee.

Silly me. Here I thought that by talking to my friends about personal problems, I was releasing pent up frustrations and strengthening our relationship.

And of course they say that men don't have this problem.

Would you have guess that the head researcher was a male?
today's good: Welcome to 1997. I finally got a Crackberry. Dad2Amara got a Treo.
today's bad: After a schedule filled weekend, I have gotten nothing accomplished, including housework and playing with the new Crackberry. Maybe today...

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  1. What a load of crap (the survey, I mean - you are right on, here).

  2. it's not just a girl think. i have to agree with laurie. we are all human and everyone out there likes to know they're not the only people out there who are suffering or feeling miserable. what do we share more often, our happiness or our discontent? i'd argue the latter. "i work too much", "i didn't get enough sleep last night", "i have so much to do". when was the last time anyone of us started our sentence with "hey, what's up, i'm having a fantastic day"? do that and people will think you're mentally unstable.


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