surefire way to finish mom's housework

On a Sunday afternoon, you can usually find Mom2Amara getting ready for the new week.

Ironing. Scrubbing the hardwood floors. Making lunches.

Not today.

Are you ready for some football?!

Who says moms can't get into the NFL!

What team are you rooting for today?


  1. I'm cheering for Ali's All Stars in Fantasy Football! Although we're more like Ali's Mediocore Stars right now....

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  3. We love NFL and college football here, too. In the big leagues, we root for the Steelers and the Chargers. Occasionally, I cheer for the Bengals as well (I *heart* Houshmanzadeh) - so long as their victory doesn't affect the other two. :)

  4. Makita -- Ouch! We're a Browns your post was a double whammy!

  5. We just cheer... but we are loving that the Lions actually won a game!


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